Small Town Wonders: A Series Exploring Places That Lie off the Beaten Track

5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Small Towns

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2 min readApr 9, 2022
Dinkelsbühl in Bavaria, Germany

Welcome to Small Town Wonders. We are full time travellers, and, in this series, we share our travel experiences into charming small towns with you.

Why small towns, you may wonder?

Here are 5 reasons:

  • #1 Tranquillity: Leave the hectic world behind you! Small towns radiate peace and calmness. Here, you can truly relax.
  • #2 Real Deal: In small towns, you will find traditions sustained, you can try local foods and often check out local production. Visiting smaller towns allows you to discover hidden gems that you might have dismissed in bigger cities.
  • #3 The Gift of Time: In big cities, we sometimes feel the drive to squeeze seeing as many sights as possible into one day. More often than not, a city break turns out to allow no break at all. On the other hand, a small town visit gifts you enough time to really take in and learn about the sights, as there are normally fewer of them to be found. In the end, you feel like you have really got to know the place.
  • #4 Connect: As people are not so stressed out, they take the time to talk to you. Practice your language skills or gift your most beautiful smile.
  • #5 Wallet: Generally speaking, you won’t leave as much money in small towns as you would do in big metropoles. Accommodation, entrance fees, and food are normally cheaper.
  • #6 Nature: Often, you are just a step away from hills, mountains, lakes, beautiful beaches, or forests. Indulge in walks, hikes, or any other sport activity if you are into nature.

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